Copywriting is the art of making words work for you. Whether you are a business, or an individual looking to increase sales or improve your image, I can help.

Great copywriting sells.

Examples of copywriting include:

Web copy / SEO – Whatever stage you are at with your website, I can help with the copy.  I can tweak or write fresh content which search engines love, using some handy marketing and psychological tricks I have picked up along the way.  You may have heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Well, good copy will help your web page race up the rankings on the most popular search engines. Heard of Google anyone?

Social media posts/ads – Billions of people worldwide use social media.  It is one of the best chances your business has of being seen.  Convert those views to sales with short, snappy ads or posts that capture the customer’s attention and lead them to action.

Sales e-mails / letters – You have identified an appropriate prospect and want to contact them regarding your services.  Just as good websites rely on good copy for SEO, the language and style used for sales e-mails/letters matters. I can help ensure that your business conveys the correct message. If you want me to write the pitch, I can. If you have written something yourself and would like me to proofread it to ensure it is error-free, I can do this too.

Of course these are just some examples. Copywriting can be generalised as words used to market a business or an individual and can appear digitally or on traditional paper.  Any format that you can see words on contains copy.

Contact me to discuss your specific requirements.


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* Credit to ProCopywriters of which I am a member.