Why I Run

I wrote this post in April 2019. The reminder of how unhappy I was with my body stings. Despite my protestations that it didn’t matter, it obviously did. However, weight doesn’t seem to matter now. The way I feel is far more important. The original post is included below, in all its harshness, but I could now give a one word answer as to why I run.


Why I Run

Sick of piling on weight over the years and yo-yo dieting to no real effect, in early 2018, I decided I would take up running. I found the gym boring and exercise classes only held my interest short-term. It was easy to find excuses not to go. I admit, I started running as a new way to lose weight. I thought it might be torture but maybe I deserved to be tortured. After all, I hadn’t been looking after my body over the years. It was my own fault I was overweight. If I had to suffer to slim down, so be it.

I started strong in 2018 but suffered a few set backs. The gist is, I ended the year heavier than I started, not super slim and fit as I had hoped. However, it’s a new year and I have a renewed enthusiasm for running. I never talk myself out of a run. I always want to go and I always enjoy it. I have found a new love. If you have to find excuses not to do something, it’s not for you. Find something you love. That’s half the battle. Today, weight loss is not my priority. I run because I want to. Weight loss is a positive side effect but it’s not my focus. I love the fresh air, the greenery and scenery (I live near hills) and I love the way I feel when I have exercised. It has huge mental benefits as well as physical. I’m glad I chose to start, even if my intentions were wrong in the beginning. I’ll never stop now I’ve started. Well, until my legs give in – decades down the line, I hope!

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