This blog

This blog has gone through many reincarnations over the years.

I enjoy writing. I thrive on the process of thinking and writing but the sharing part always feels uncomfortable. I send my words forth from captivity out into the wild and then get cold feet, round them up and close the gates again.

As a teenage guitarist/singer/songwriter I felt exactly the same way. I loved writing songs but it took a long time to feel comfortable performing them. I used to rewrite over and over, always striving for perfection. I even used to stop playing when I heard my parents or my sister walking around the house. Paralysis took over. Eventually, I found the confidence to keep going and furthermore, I learned that comfort keeps a person stuck. Comfort zones are only supposed to be half-way houses, not permanent dwellings. I have boosted my confidence several times over the years by making myself uncomfortable. I have conquered bigger challenges and squashed bigger fears than whether a blog or social media post will go down well or not. So what the hell – from now on, anything I deemed good enough to post in the first place will remain out there, static on my page, internet alive forever.

Fortune favours the brave said a person in Latin at some point.

It pays to keep pushing forward. It may be small steps and you may be pushing against the wind but one day, you will go the distance – and then some.

Comfort zones are only supposed to be half-way houses

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